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Our Team

The story of our team started in 2020 with a university project. Involving internationally renowned experts, we came up with an idea to solve one of the industry's most pressing problems - we found a way to fully automate manual scraping. The potential of this solution was recognised by the region's most important investors, and the company quickly began to develop and grow dynamically. By 2022, our technology had reached the level of maturity required for industrial use, and following successful technical trials, we are now able to offer our customers a full service.


From the very beginning, we have made it a priority to create a product that meets our customers' needs to the maximum. We have already worked with several companies during previous development and, as we discover new opportunities and needs with every job we do, we continue to develop. If none of our currently available services fully meet your needs, contact us by clicking here and we will find a solution!

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